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Do you have an interest in matters dealing with golf? Do you understand the indispensability of education and have the interest to study golf? That makes us the best in studies concerning golf We possess highly qualified personnel who can teach you golf.

Our institution enjoys various resources that are good for taking students through their entire course. Our reputation ensures that our students get to professional bodies automatically to join. We have an option for some students to study in school or online. Students can choose the days they attend classes for seven days. The credentials of the teachers in our school are valid. We ensure you possess and use high-quality merchandise and equipment from respectable companies that manufacture that kind of equipment in the country and at affordable prices.

Our university has been in existence for over forty years garnering experience and credibility in awarding different honors of qualification over the years. The college offers free access to the institution. We have online staff who answer your questions and Register without much problem. For admission and other inquiries contact online or face to face and register. Our college utilizes your passion for a career. We offer a variety of courses in golf from which you can choose. We take pride inadequate resources for teaching and practicing golf. we allow any form of handling school fees making it easy for our students to enjoy tuition This confirms to handle issues of those who cannot afford fees.

For those who prefer not to attend classes, you can choose to take learning material online and read it. Fast services such as ambulance and first aid emergency services are always readily available in case of such an emergency. Career fairs are held regularly to encourage those willing to quit earlier than intended. As a way of motivation, more children are taken every day to golf clubs to observe other golfers display their techniques and learn We target to develop our children’s mental and physical health to become grownups who can think critically and creatively. We strive to have our students pass along what they learn to their peers for a continuous learning process. We finally ensure that the students understand well the rules and regulations of playing golf and make them part of their syllabus. If you require additional information, please inquire from our webpages, blogs, and social platforms.

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