TOP-7 Safety Tips from a Professional Tow Truck Service

TOP-7 Safety Tips from a Professional Tow Truck Service

If you’re going for a road trip or a business meeting to another city, there’s a lot to prepare. Even when you’re used to lengthy car rides, neglecting to do a check-up or to wear a seatbelt can result in major trouble.

Our friends from a professional 24 Hours Towing Company in Memphis decided to give you the most recommended 7 safety tips that will ensure you don’t need road assistance during your ride. While it’s their job to rescue cars from uncomfortable situations, they are people, first of all, and want you to be safe.

So, we asked them what they would recommend every driver and passenger to do to avoid calling for help.

1. Check the Fuel Before Departing

Yes, it’s obvious, but even you may forget to check the fuel in a hurry. Overestimating the amount may leave you stuck half the way, calling road assistance.

2. Check the Tires

Check and replace the tires when needed. Don’t think that ‘they will last one more ride’. What if they don’t?

3. Check the Aid Kit

Always have a fresh, fully stocked aid kit in case of an emergency. You may be alright, but if there are people suffering on the road, you may be the only one able to help at the moment.

4. Wear Your Seatbelt at All Times

In an accident, people who wear their seatbelts are in the safest positions. It was proven in many crash tests. Unfortunately, many drivers still think it’s just a rope restricting their moves.

5. Never Drink and Drive

Simple and clear. Never drink and drive. If you were drinking before, ask someone to drive you home, even if you think you’re fine.

6. Don’t Drive While Sleepy

Sleepy drivers are not very attentive, which is obvious. Especially when you’re in the car alone and there’s not much that can keep your eyes open, the trip is in danger. If you think that you’ll be awake just because you drive, it’s wrong. Monotonous moves (or none at all) and a road where nothing really happens will put you asleep in minutes.

7. Have a Contact Number of a Reliable Towing Service 

The 24 Hours Tow Truck in Memphis offers a variety of services from car jump-start to full-on towing it back to town. The cost depends on the help you need, the distance they have to travel and tow the vehicle back, and other factors.

They will help you 24/7! So, if you live in Memphis or nearby, save their number, just in case.

Never Neglect Safety Recommendations

Many professional drivers think that if nothing happens for a long time, they can neglect safety tips every once in a while. But you can’t be totally sure that your tires will be intact the whole ride or that the weather won’t ruin your plans.

And if you prepare the car, regular weather fluctuations won’t be a problem. But in another case, a mild rain may turn the vehicle into a sleigh.

Road assistance services are ready to help you at any moment. But it’s better when you have to call them because the car just stopped and won’t go rather than because of an accident.

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