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Benefits of Family and Community Development Programs

In today’s society, there are a lot of single parenthood and a lack of established families mostly because of irresponsible fathers and a lot of negligence in the family setup and this brings down the development of the society. However to curb these problems and bring back the love of families and strengthen the family setup and to enhance the responsibility in the family, the government has opted to bring about family and community development programs. It is very wise for us to note that for the development of our communities’ today family plays a very crucial role in its development and sustainability as is the key foundation of our leader’s skills, tolerance and sense of responsibility building block. Some of the benefits of the community and development programs include reduction of poverty, reduction of unemployment and social justice just to mention. The following chapter will elaborate on some of the importance of family and community development programs.

The first essential benefit of family and community development programs is the reduction of poverty. It is good to note that the reduction of poverty mainly depends on individual family members’ upbringing. This comes for instance when the family does not educate their children and ending up being street children hence increasing the dependency ratios in our society today. Hence the family and community development programs will help families in understanding that they are the key personnel about social responsibility.

The other crucial importance of family and community development programs is that it helps in the reduction of unemployment in our society today. This is enhanced when the government encourages the institutions that are responsible for work and employment to consider family responsibility and needs. This will help in the community development in the sense that the family member will be able to harmonize their professional obligations and with that of their family.

The other essential benefit of family and community development programs is that it enhances social integration. It is always good to have a peaceful coexistence amongst minorities and newcomers around the state to enhance community development. The family and community development programs help in addressing the problems of marginalized families especially those that have single parenthood, refuges and much larger families, youths that are not employed and street children.

The development of the education system is the other crucial importance of the family and community development programs. Education has been known over the years to be the key to successful living as it provides employment to youths and instills a sense of responsibility. The family plays a very vital role in educating their children and providing financial assistance and the community molds them so that the children will give back to society later on in life. The families and community development programs are therefore centered in encouraging families and the entire community to help in educating and embracing education. In conclusion, the article above points out some of the essential benefits of family and community development.

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